Flexible Cooperative Investment & Credit Society

  • In line with creation of co-operatives, FGS introduced Port Harcourt Flexible Co-operative Investment & Credit Society Limited (PHFCICS). It is a multipurpose co-operative society established to coordinate young professionals and entrepreneurs in organizing a pool of private funds to serve as a reliable source of credit and investment opportunities, which members can look towards as a convenient and more affordable means of personal and entrepreneurial development. PHFCICS is registered and certified by Rivers State Government.

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    Invest your money and receive 4% of your investment monthly into your bank account for 12 months.

    Investment start from NGN 500, 000.
    You can also fix your money for 3 months, 6 months or 9 months.

    Fixed Deposit starts from:
    NGN 1,000,000 for 9 months

    NGN1,500,000 for 6 months
    NGN2,000,000 for 3 months

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Flexus Mutual Assistance Scheme

  • The sole purpose of this Scheme is to bring together indivituals in need of mutual assistance in order to achieve a particular goal faster and without stress, be it marriage, house rent, Land purchase, House building etc.

    FMAS is modernizing the traditional contribution in which a group of people come together and make a fixed payment of a certain amount, daily, weekly or monthly to a common fund, which will be dictributed by turns to the participants

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